Case Study: Autumn Brewing Company

We were asked to support Autumn Brewing Company as they explored a new idea. The company were an innovator in their field and produced something bespoke.

We looked at the way they went about developing their new project and what it was that made them different. Explaining this to customers is one thing. Explaining it to the HMRC is something different altogether.

The brewing company wanted to explore the idea of a gluten free beer. Although there are alternatives available on the market, the production of these isn’t widely known. It was clear that some research needed to take place.

The brewing company looked at different brewing malts and tested them with the end goal of producing a gluten free beer that tasted great. There was a lot of uncertainty at the outset and the brewing company needed to experiment with different malts, mashes and strengths.

After that, there needed to be some testing to ensure the final product had a long enough shelf life and tasted the way consumers desired. There were a number of variables that needed to be brought in line to deliver success.

The R&D tax claim was based around the research and testing that happened in order to produce a final product, ready for shops and to be sold online.

The gluten free malts were not commercially available in the UK or Europe and had to be imported from the United States. Then the work began to develop a taste that satisfied. There was a large degree of risk involved in this venture. This makes the project ideal for an R&D tax claim.

We listened to the production team, so we could understand the processes and all of the challenges they faced along the way.

This allowed us to submit a claim to the HMRC that was successful. For a new venture, the injection of cash back into their business is vital. For Autumn Brewing Company it came at the perfect time, so they were able to support their marketing of the new gluten free beer.

The business came up with a new solution to the problem they identified at the beginning of the project. This is a perfect fit with the government definition of an R&D project and made it just right for a claim.

The alternative brewing system they developed and the products that went with it are an example of how innovation can be supported by R&D tax credits. The beers are now stocked in a large number of outlets and have won awards.

The directors of the brewing company were so happy to have had our support in submitting a claim and taking the strain away from the process. Quite frankly, they had enough to do with developing an innovative beer and launching it soon after. We were so happy to help.


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