Case Study: Durham Gin

We have been able to support Durham Gin in their expansion from an idea to a high-quality product available in many stores and online.

Although the production of an alcoholic drink itself might not be readily obvious as an eligible R&D tax claim, the difference we make is by understanding a company and what they do. We knew that their growth was perfect for an R&D tax claim, as are many in this sector.

The focus of the business owner and team was to get this product ready and into stores. When launching something new, there are so many things to do and some aspects can slip through the net.

The fact that the business developed and refined their distilling process made this an ideal candidate for an R&D tax claim. In addition, developing a product that was unique in flavour through researching and testing ingredients meant they were actively participating in research and development without knowing it.

We took the time to help them realise what this was and how it would be part of an eligible claim. We have worked with food and drink companies many times in the past and know how to support them in this area.

The launch of the product was the main focus of the R&D claim. There is a complexity to developing and perfecting the processes around a new alcoholic drink. Consistency of taste is vital and the knowledge to produce this doesn’t come off the shelf. There are complex chemical processes occurring, especially when producing a high volume of the product. The time, money and effort spent getting this right meant the business took a commercial risk. R&D tax credits are designed to support UK businesses who take these risks.

We took the time to understand all of this, so we could submit a claim on their behalf that we knew covered all costs and would help them to get cash back in the business.

The managerial team at Durham Gin helped us with all the figures relating to this part of the product development. That is one part of submitting an R&D tax claim. The technical team helped us to understand the challenges they faced and what they did to overcome these challenges. This provides the detail we need for the second part of a claim.

With so many other things to think about, we take the strain off when it comes to producing and submitting an R&D tax claim. We deal with the tax man, so you don’t have to, and build up knowledge of your business so we can answer any questions.

Durham Gin has used that money to boost marketing and get the drink accepted into a number of new outlets. The success of the R&D tax claim is part of the reason they have developed new drinks and become more widely known in the sector.

We helped them to understand their operation in terms of R&D tax credits and this has provided them with the confidence that they can develop their business and product range, safe in the knowledge that a proportion of their costs will be returned to them by the government.


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