Case Study: ManiLife

We are proud to support a ManiLife in their ongoing growth plans. They produce a quality product, starting from scratch in 2015.

The food manufacturing company developed a set of peanut butters to craft recipes with greater consideration for the taste, feel and nutritional value of the product than the mass-produced versions already available on the market.

The business owners knew they had something new but didn’t see the R&D element of their production at first. We helped them recognise their product and research in terms of R&D tax credits. It isn’t a case of coming up with an idea for a recipe and then making the product.

Developing a new product and then varieties of this product take time to research ingredients and flavours, gather customer feedback and then scale up production. Each of these throws up new challenges. ManiLife dealt with all of these uncertainties.

The directors spent a long time sourcing high-quality peanuts at the right price to deliver the mouthfeel and taste they required from their finished product. These then had to be roasted at the right temperature for the right amount of time and then blended with other ingredients for the best product.

In working through this, ManiLife actually came up with brand new methods of blending and roasting which allow the product to achieve superior crunch and mouthfeel, without compromising taste and consistency. This project became valid for an R&D tax claim because of the research that went into all of these factors. Having to work out different elements to come up with the final merchandise is an interesting part of launching a new product. It is also interesting to the tax man as well.

There were a number of uncertainties when evolving the new peanut butters. All factors needed to work together to deliver the product desired.We worked together with the directors to understand what they had done on the product journey. This is exactly the information the HMRC want to be able to process a claim quickly. It can be difficult to think about your business in this way. That’s why we are here to help.

Submitting an R&D tax claim could have taken up valuable time when ManiLife had so many other things to do. We took the stress of this away by dealing with the claim on their behalf.

Launching any product needs time and patience. The R&D tax claim gave the food manufacturing company some breathing space to put all of this in place. Getting money in the business at the right time helped them to develop the contacts needed.

We know how to support a business in their plans from experience so help to get R&D tax claims submitted correctly first time. This eliminates delays and takes away the potential of the HMRC asking lots of questions


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