Meet the Team

Joanne Warren
Managing Director

Growing up, Joanne wanted to be a doctor, she scores her tea making skills 9 out of 100 (possibly don’t get Joanne to make you a drink), specialist dish in the kitchen is Mince & Dumplings and her dream holiday destination is Hawaii.

Lee Quarzi

We asked Lee, Why did he like working at Lumo? Working with positive like-minded people and having the opportunity to make a real difference to the economy and peoples lives. Sounds awesome, same can’t be said about his specialist dish in the kitchen to impress… Asda Smart Price Lasagne… Did somebody say just eat?

Louise McVittie
Business Support Manager

If Louise appeared on Mastermind, her specialist subject is Food, wanted to be a chef when growing up until she discovered the working hours and if she’s in the kitchen you’re getting Spaghetti Bolognaise.

For a dream holiday Louise was easily pleased, with anywhere out of the UK with 3 requirements; Sun, Poolside on a lounger and lots of Gin & Tonics!

Roger Tipple
Innovation Consultant

We asked Roger what he would do given £250,000 and a weekend to spend it, we think Roger has the upper hand … I have daughters, I’d delegate. More seriously there are a couple of projects in which I am involved where I would love to be able to put in that sort of money, it would be transformational, and there’s even a pretty serious risk that I would get it all back with a dividend…

Roger also announced that he can make Mary Berry’s Chocolate Fudge Cake – Wait, What? When will we get to try this?

Stephen Behan
R&D Business Support Manager

Claims to be the best tea / coffee maker in the office, giving himself a high score of 98 and ‘apparently’ has a trophy as a proof when winning the award in a business of over 200 people … we are yet to see it!

In the Kitchen, trying to impress Stephen’s go to dish is tapas and a near perfect coffee / tea … can you say no to this all star?

Graeme Watson
Commercial Manager

Graeme loves withing at Lumo for the great team and working environment. Growing up, he wanted to be a footballer to walk out on the hallowed turf of Goodison Park (we can’t hold it against him, can we?) And specialist subject on mastermind would be 90’s football.

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