Case Study – Arnia

We work with a company that offers a bespoke solution to people who have beehives, whether as a hobby or commercially. They have developed a unique product.

With such an innovative product, it was obvious to us that there was a sizeable R&D tax claim ready to be processed and submitted to the HMRC. With a new solution such as this, it is the way in which the problem was solved rather than the end application that is important to the taxman.

Our client has designed a remote monitoring system for beehives. In addition, they collate the data globally to help owners manage their hives. Starting something from scratch takes a lot of effort and investment. The research and testing with a solution like this is huge.

The user interface, the devices in the hives and all of the communication between the two had to be designed to work seamlessly across continents. It helps hive owners to understand what is going on inside their colony and to deal with any issues promptly.

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