Case Study – Hydrochem

This is a water treatment company that we have provided support for in terms of their R&D tax claim.

They have developed a series of processes in their hydro chemicals team and tailored these to their clients in order to provide safer and more efficient alternatives to existing products. The water treatment company are specialist in their area.

The main project was conceived and tested at length prior to being implemented as a trial at two sites. This allowed the business to understand the challenges it faced in situ. Looking for solutions in water treatment involves dealing with problems associated with bacteria and poor quality. Public safety is obviously a high priority.

The trials were successful and provided data to be able to scale up the project. And this is where uncertainties can often occur. The water treatment company had to understand the way that the products worked on a larger scale every time they increased their operations. There were challenges, but these were overcome by crunching data and conducting research.

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