Coffee and Innovation

In this episode of Innovate, we are delighted to be joined by Pete Southern, Founder & MD of Clockwork Espresso.

Based right here in the North East, Pete designed and manufactured the world’s most precise coffee tamper, during the episode Pete shares with us:

  • The story behind the PUSH Tamper from design, to prototype and starting the business
  • How the product went to market including crashing websites and a little insight into the mystical world of Coffee Geeks and what they get up to…
  • The launch of Pete’s new company (Penny & Meriwether) and product range as a result of pivoting during the pandemic
  • Exclusive – on how the link of this company to be involved in the Space X programme, it’s not because they like coffee!

To find out more about Clockwork Espresso and Penny & Meriwether here’s some useful links:

Clockwork Espresso Website
Clockwork Espresso Facebook
Clockwork Espresso Instagram
Penny & Meriwether Website
Penny & Meriwether Instagram


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