Powerful Presenting for Leaders

In this episode we are joined by David Thomas, CEO of CreatingPresentationRockstars

Who is David?

Global speaker and CEO presentation skills coach who has coached and spoken to more than 500,000 people in 25 countries over the last 23 years.

Sunday Times #1 bestselling author whose books have had a worldwide readership of more than 1 million people.

US Memory Champion, Guinness record breaker and competitive bodybuilder.

David’s mission

“Every presentation has the chance to change the lives of the people who hear it. But that’s not what happens.

I have spent 23 years sat at the back of conference rooms watching leaders and aspiring leaders die on their feet in front of audiences. That makes me feel sad for them, sad for their audiences and sad for the missed opportunity to inspire, educate and entertain.

My mission is to show leaders how to control their nerves, really connect with their audiences and and walk off feeling like a presentation rockstar.

Because that’s what I do – make leaders presentation rockstars!”

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